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Construction Site Camera Security: Materials Theft Prevention

posted by Andy Wendt

Construction Theft is estimated at roughly $1 billion annually.*

As the value of raw materials increases it is reasonable to expect that if left unaddressed that construction site theft will also continue to increase.

The loss of materials and equipment from the construction site can lead to delays, down time, increased insurance rates, and damaged company reputations.

Camera Security Now offers a way to act in a pre-emptive manner to protect your assets.

By using a well designed Construction Site Security Camera System as a part of a comprehensive security plan you can regain control of your assets and your construction site.

Visit our Construction Site IP Security Camera Information page to see actual footage from a construction site security camera.

Security cameras will by their very nature deter theft and vandalism. Security cameras increase the likelihood of apprehension and prosecution. Construction Site Camera Systems by Camera Security Now all offer remote view, playback, and notification by phone, pager, or e-mail if motion is detected after hours. The systems are relatively portable and with the possible exception of video cable can be easily relocated to the next construction site.

A camera security system for your construction site is not an end all to the problem of construction site theft but it is a key ingredient of your plan.

The Construction Site Security Plan should at a minimum address these areas: Constructon Site Security Cameras

Signs - Post signs in high traffic areas. Such as "Security Cameras in Use" , "No Trespassing", Contractors contact information, and signs that state a Reward Program for in information leading to the apprehension of anyone illegally on the premises.

Security Cameras - Security Cameras are a cost effective and versatile component of your Construction Site Security Plan as well as a great management tool. Security cameras placed in key spots  can be both a deterrence and tool for law enforcement. Security cameras can also provide management information to help judge the productivity and safety of the work force.

Physical Access - All good security starts with good access control. Insure that perimeter is protected with a well maintained fence. Keep gates to a minimum and keep them locked with industrial grade chains and padlocks. Make sure all small equipment and tools are secured in a locked shed each night. Use a reputable security guard service and be aware that most losses occur between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.* as well as on the weekends.

Equipment Security - Make sure all your equipment and materials are marked with your company logo or contact information and. keep records of serial or inventory numbers. These simple steps will make it more difficult for your inventory to be quickly re-sold if stolen. Re-Key large equipment and consider GPS systems for trucks and other vehicles. Cluster your equipment and materials at the end of each day. This will allow for a more controlled and monitored environment for your camera system.

Communicate - Implement a simple mailer informing the immediate area about your project and your Rewards Program should they witness any attempted theft.

General Policies - Ask your supplier for a "Just in time" delivery on  all expensive raw materials. Conduct criminal background checks on all potential new hires or sub-contractors. Maintain a strict zero tolerance policy for all internal theft. Insist that your security firm provide signs, marked cars, or other highly visible markers to denote their presence.

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Construction Site Theft Prevention Information

Geovision Features that you should consider for your Construction Site CCTV System

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Panoramic View feature allows you to combine multiple camera views of a large area and splice them together to form one clean shot. This can be useful for trying to follow see someone walking through multiple cameras and is done without any loss of video frame rate.

Video Stabilization creates crisp clear images out of shaky and unclear video taken from transportation vehicles or cameras on poles that are blowing in the wind. This feature will crop out the outer edges of the video feed that are only shown when the camera shakes and instead provide a clean steady image of the center cropped video feed.

Single PTZ tracking is able to track a moving object using only one PTZ Camera. The camera is set to detect motion and when an object passes through it will automatically follow the movement of the object. When the object becomes out of view, the PTZ camera can return back to its designated position.