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Parking Lot Security Cameras

GeoVision CCTV / DVR system catches a fender bender video.

posted by Andy Wendt

In this parking lot accident caught on a security camera you see a woman back straight into a parked SUV. This footage was caught by one of our clients GeoVision DVR systems at their Alabama factory. The CCTV camera clearly shows the woman was backing up way to fast and apparently not paying any attention to the cars parked right behind her.

Now this video will not stop the accident, but what it will do is provide clarity to the situation after the fact. If the woman tries to say that it was not her car that backed into the SUV you can just show her the footage. If she claims the SUV was parked to far back in the space you can show her the footage. No matter the situation a well placed security camera can often act to verify the claims of those involved.

This makes a security camera system a perfect for parking lots for a number of reasons. First of all a security camera is great for accidents like the one just shown. A camera is the best witness that you can get and it will never lie. Another benefit is that a security camera can help make your parking lot a safer place. By allowing those in the office to have live monitoring of the lot they can alert the authorizes if there is any suspicious activity in the lot. A parking lot security camera can even act as a means to verify who reported to work or which vendor made a delivery and when.

* Note - Video quality is always reduced when uploaded to a service such as YouTube. Actual camera footage is much higher quality.

To learn more about CCTV and GeoVision DVR equipment watch our CCTV Learning Videos.

Useful Features For Parking Lots/Garages:

Advanced Scene Change Detection
The advanced version of Scene Change Detection can be applied in the outdoor scenes with sudden light changes.

Single PTZ Tracking
Single PTZ Tracking can track a moving object using only one PTZ camera. When an object moves within the view of camera, the PTZ camera will follow its movement. When the object is out of view, the PTZ camera can be set to return its designated position.

Crowd Detection
Crowd detection is used to generate an alert when a crowd of people gathers in a specified area and exceeds the defined threshold.

Advanced Visual Quality Enhancer
Used to filter and enhance object visibility from foggy or blurred environment caused by bad weather such as rain, snow or fog.