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Whatever Kind of System You Need, Our Consultants Can Get You The right System, Including Installation. Get Our 4-Channel Package For $1000 Video Surveillance For Government. Get Our 8-Channel Package For $1800 Video Surveillance For Businesses. Get Our 16-Channel Package For $2300 Video Surveillance For Schools & Universities. Call your Security Constultant today at 800-440-1662.

CCTV Camera Files

See what the camera is recording! Click on link below for Demo Video
Note: Video is Macromedia Flash, original video has better quality.

$99 B&W Bullet Camera
- Car pulling into the garage.

Color Bullet Camera
- No lights to full lights demo.

Dome Camera
-Popular casino camera

PTZ Camera Tour
-see an automated camera search an entire room. Note the various speeds at which the camera moves.

Covert Motion Sensor Cam
-It looks like a motion detector for an alarm system. It has a hidden camera so no one knows.

C-Mount Camera
-Professional grade JVC Camera with 4-8mm Varifocal Lens

Dumpster Camera
-Watch what goes in and out of the dumpster. You might be surprised.

Garage Cam | Garage Cam2 | Garage Cam3 | Lobby Camera | Lobby Camera | Lobby Camera | Computer Shop | Service Counter | Front Porch Camera

Below are all models of the CCTV Cameras used on this website.

CCTV C-Mount Camera
C-Mount Cam
CCTV Dome Camera
Dome Cam
CCTV Bullet Cam
Bullet Cam
PTZ Camera

Video Evidence 
Photos are emailed automatically.
video replay is remotely accessible  24h x 7w x 365d
in industry standard file formats.
See Real PTZ Video Samples
Other features include:

Digital watermark authentication
Audio Recording and
Playback with Video
Telephone, Pager and Email Alerts
Embedded PTZ control panel