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Box Security Cameras (Standard Body)

Standard Body cameras or Box cameras are some of the most widely used cameras in the world. Having the ability to change out lenses gives the customer the option to use these cameras in almost all situations, making it an easy choice when picking out the best cameras for your system. There are only a few things to consider when deciding if this style of camera is right for you:

Conditions are one of the first things you want to consider with a standard body camera. These cameras are not weather proof so to use them outside requires an outdoor housing that the camera can sit inside to protect it from the elements.

Lighting in the area is something else to think about, box cameras do not have the option of seeing in the dark as most all bullet and dome cameras do. This can be achieved however by adding outside lighting such as IR illuminators, IR illuminators cannot be seen by the naked eye and can turn your standard body camera into an IR camera.

Below is a comparison of analog box camera vs a digital IP box camera. Both are taken in the same office from different angles.


Common applications for standard body cameras include:

Point of Sales - Parking Lots - Production Lines - License Plate Recognition - Waiting Areas

Security Camera Lenses

Lenses can be changed! CCTV Security Camera Lenses

Standard Body cameras require lenses that are often sold separately. One of the best things about these cameras is the ability to change lenses, having this as an option allows you to use different lenses for different situations.

Varifocal Lenses are lenses that can be adjusted at the time of install to give customers the desired view. These adjustments take place physically at the camera.

Long range (5-50mm) lenses are great for reading licenses plates where smaller lenses (2.8-12mm) are great for larger areas that need covered.

Fixed Lens options are also available, fixed lenses come in different size (2.8mm, 3.8mm, 4mm, 8mm) No adjustments can be made with lenses. To learn more about lens size and field of view see our Field Of View Calulator

Dual Voltage!
Professional Security Cameras are for the most part capable of accepting either a 12 Volt DC or a 24 Volt AC power source. This gives them the advantage over other cameras that accept only 12 Volt DC. In large facilities where cable runs can be quite long 12 Volt DC will simply not run as far or as stable as 24 Volt DC.

Security Camera Mounts

CCTV Security Camera Mount With a Box security camera you may select from a variety of CCTV security camera mounts. Mounts are available for ceiling, wall, or roof, also they are available in different lengths and of some are even flexible allowing you to bend the mount arm itself into any angle you need. To find out more about camera mount options, visit our Security Camera Mounts page.

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Outdoor Security Camera Housing

CCTV Camera Outdoor Housing Box security cameras can be used outside or in a very harsh environment when put in an outdoor camera housing like the photo to the left. An outdoor housing with a built in heater and blower can allow the camera to operate in environments that would be outside the range of other body types. The outdoor housing is also instantly recognizable as a security camera and as such offers a great deal of deterrence.
Camera Security Now also offers Vandal Resistant Security Cameras and Weatherproof Housing.