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We sell a variety of bullet cameras - Verifocal, Long Range, Infared Wondering What Type of Camera Is Right For You? Get Our 16-Channel Package For $2300 Call your Security Constultant today at 800-440-1662.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet Security Camera The Bullet Security Camera is an ideal camera for many security applications. They are easy to install, discrete, and low cost. Bullet Security Cameras are available in black & white, color and in a variety of configurations and sizes. They utilize the same technology found in larger cameras only the parts are miniaturized to fit in a small enclosure.

Bullet cameras are typically smaller cameras that are just over 2 inches long and resemble a bullet shell casing. Bullet cameras utilize CCTV technology and can be used in both indoor and out door applications.

See Footage from a Bullet Security Cameras

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Why don't we have hundreds of bullet cameras in our e-store?

Bullet Camera Lenses

CCTV Security Camera Lenses A fundamental parameter of an optical lens is the focal length. The lens' focal length determines the magnification of the image projected onto the image plane. In general, an 8mm lens is like a 4mm lens maginified x 2. So a 16mm is like the 4mm lens maginified x 4. Verifocal Lenses offer maximum flexibility allowing a wide range of focal lengths. If your scenario requires significant magnification, some verifocal lenses focal length can get up around 50mm.

Black & White Bullet Security Cameras

Black and White Bullet Security Camera

Black and White Bullet Security Cameras are low cost and work well in low light conditions.

4mm B&W Bullet Security Camera
8mm B&W Bullet Security Camera
Verifocal B&W Bullet Security Camera

Color Bullet Security Cameras

Color Bullet Security Camera Color Bullet Security Cameras work well in normal lighting conditions.

4mm Color Bullet Security Camera
8mm Color Bullet Security Camera
Verifocal Color Bullet Security Camera

Infrared Bullet Security Cameras

Infrared Bullet Security Camera

Infrared Bullet Security Cameras work well in zero light conditions.

4mm Infrared Bullet Security Camera
8mm Infrared Bullet Security Camera
Verifocal Infrared Bullet Security Camera

Bullet Security Camera Footage

Below is an image and video demonstrations from a 3.6mm bullet camera in both black and white and color applications.
Bullet Camera Image From Office Parking Lot

Bullet Security Camera Information

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