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Bullet Security Cameras

The 'Bullet Security Camera' could be the best most cost effective cctv solution for your business, school or public facility!

The Bullet Security Camera is an
ideal camera for many security applications. They got their name because they are shaped like a bullet cartridge.

Video: Actual Images from 4mm Color and B&W Bullet Security Cameras.

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Why are they called Bullet Cams?
Bullet cams are typically smaller cameras that are just over 2 inches long and resemble a bullet shell casing. Bullet cams utilize CCTV technology. Bullet security cameras can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Low cost black and white Bullet Security Cameras work well in low light conditions.

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4mm Fixed Lens B&W Bullet Security Camera
8mm Fixed Lens B&W Bullet Security Camera
Varifocal 4-8mm B&W Bullet Security Camera

Bullet Security Cameras are available in black & white, color and in a variety of configurations and sizes. They utilize the same technology found in larger cameras only the parts are miniaturized to fit in a small enclosure.

Color Bullet Security Cameras are good for normal lighting conditions

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4mm Fixed Lens Color Bullet Security Camera
8mm Fixed Lens Color Bullet Security Camera
Varifocal 4-8mm Color Bullet Security Camera

There are low light, no light and  varifocal lens bullet cams.
2 inch Bullet Security Camera
Low light Bullet Security Cameras can see in very low light conditions but require some ambient light.
No light Bullet Security Cameras have LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)  that illuminate areas in total darkness.
Varifocal Bullet Security Cameras offer maximum flexibility in camera installations requiring a wide range of focal lengths.
IR CCTV Camera
Infrared Cameras can see in the dark!
This means our Infrared cctv cameras work in zero light levels.

Our Infrared CCTV Bullet Security Cameras provide high quality pictures. They are fully weatherproof which means there is no need for an external housing. This makes installation easier and cheaper.

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Infrared 4mm Fixed Lens Bullet Security Camera

Due to their durability, infrared Bullet Security Cameras are used restaurants, bars, office buildings, parking lots, garages and even bomb disposal robots.

Infrared Bullet Security Cameras are light weight, low cost, and weather resistant.
Click the link below for a quote on a Bullet Security Camera:
Infrared 8mm Fixed Lens Bullet Security Camera
Infrared 12mm Fixed Lens Bullet Security Camera
Infrared 16mm Fixed Lens Bullet Security Camera

This makes the Bullet Security Camera and the infrared Bullet Security Camera excellent candidates for applications where space is limited, where you prefer to keep your camera discrete, where the mounting surface will not permit a heavier camera or housing, or simply for jobs where you need to keep your costs low.

*CCTV Security Cameras: Closed circuit television also known as CCTV is the industry standard in surveillance security cameras. CCTV can be a single network of cameras or multiple networks of camera linked together via switches, internet, dvr or wide area computer technology. CCTV Video data is analog. The analog signal can be converted to digital via CCTV Digital Video Recorders. Once the video data is digital it can be managed just like any other computer data and can be stored automatically on computers and network storage devices.