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CCTV Security Cameras

We Offer Variety: Standard Body Security Cameras, Dome Security Cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras, Bullet Security Cameras, Infrared Security Cameras and more!

CCTV Security Cameras: Closed circuit television also known as CCTV, is the industry standard in surveillance security cameras. CCTV can be a single network of cameras or multiple networks of camera linked together via switches, internet, dvr or wide area computer technology. CCTV Video data is analog. The analog signal can be converted to digital via CCTV Digital Video Recorders. Once the video data is digital it can be managed just like any other computer data and can be stored automatically on computers and network storage devices.

CCTV security cameras come in many different styles and prices. Finding someone to sell you a security camera is not difficult. Finding someone who cares that you buy the right security camera, well as they say in the commercials, that's priceless. At Camera Security Now we set ourselves apart by taking time to consult with every potential client to make sure they understand the pros and cons of the cameras they are considering for their project. With security cameras starting at less than $75 we pride ourselves at being able to find a quality security camera solution for every budget. As a general rule of thumb a commercial grade indoor surveillance camera would be in the $150 to $400 price range with commercial grade outdoor cameras running from $250 to $550.

Below you will find some basic information and links to additional resources that may help with your project.

For professional advice on your security camera needs please feel free to call our experienced staff of consultants.

Or visit our Technical Discussion Forum and post your question or comment on our Ask a CCTV Expert thread.

To get an understanding of the capabilities of various security camera technologies and digital video surveillance systems, See our Real surveillance video samples.

Consider the following when choosing a CCTV surveillance camera:

1. Sketch out a Floor Plan, include all camera locations.
Consider  the distance to your surveillance zone:Are you 5 feet or 15 feet away from your surveillance target area? It is best to locate your camera as close to the surveillance area first, then choose how much zoom you need. Do you need 4mm, 8mm or 12mm lens or something way more powerful?

2. Field of view or area of surveillance: Take photos of areas you want to cover from the proposed camera locations.
What lens you need depends what you want to see and how far away and how wide a viewing area. Wide angle and fisheye lenses are available. Check out our Field of View Calculator for help.

3. Resolution:
Do you want to capture a persons face or a car license plate? Each situation and expectation will determine the location your security camera will have to be mounted in and the quality of camera you will require to get the desired resolution and image quality for your shot.

4 .Vandalism potential: Will your camera be subject to damage through vandalism or other environmental factors? Vandal resistant cameras are available along with a full range of housing to protect your security camera from any environment.

Lighting: Is the space well lit or dimly lit. Are the lighting conditions simply unpredictable due to an outdoor influence? Are the lights turned off at night? Do you want to monitor the area with the lights turned off? Do you need infrared or low light cameras? Are yow aware of the benefits of a Wide Dynamic Security Camera?

6. Budget:
Just like any technology, the more you spend, the better the system you get. Keep in mind however a low cost camera is better than no camera.

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