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Dome Security Cameras From Wondering What Type of Camera Is Right For You? Security Camera Deals Get Our 8-Channel Package For $1800 Get Our 16-Channel Package For $2300 Call your Security Constultant today at 800-440-1662.

Dome Security Cameras

Vandal Resistant Tinted Wall Mount Dome Security Camera CCTV Dome Security Cameras are hard to spot and are durable. Dome Security Cameras are generally ceiling mounted or wall mounted and can easily be overlooked or mistaken for motion sensors or light fixtures.

Ceiling mounted Dome Security Cameras truly are the 'EYE in THE SKY' because they have a full 360 degrees of movement and can point in any direction. No one really knows which way the camera is looking. Dome Security Cameras can be manually adjusted at any time to monitor other directions. If you want to automatically adjust the direction of the camera. Dome Security Cameras range from very low cost (we sell them for less than $50 in our Security Camera eStore) up to  $10,000 for high end PTZ, Explosion Proof cameras. A good color dome security camera goes for an average of less than $200.

Different Types of Dome Security Cameras

- Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Cameras allow you to manually or automatically pan the area around your camera, tilt up and down, as well as zoom in on anything within the sight of the lens. In automatic mode, hundreds of points can be set for the camera to look at for any duration of time.
- High Resolution Dome Security Cameras allow you to see much more detail than standard security cameras, allowing up to Full HD of 2.0 Mega-pixels.
- Vandal Proof Security Cameras are designed to withstand and prevent attempts to tamper, open, damage, or destroy the security camera inside. They also double as weatherproof housing.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Dome Security Cameras

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Dome Security Camera

100x (10x Optical / 10x Digital) PTZ Dome Camera
270x (27x Optical / 10x Digital) PTZ Dome Camera
432x PTZ Dome Security Camera

High Res Dome Security Cameras

High Resolution Dome Security Camera

3~9mm Full HD 2.0 Mega-pixel Dome Camera
3~9mm 1.3 Mega-pixel Dome Security Camera
Verifocal High Resolution Dome Security Camera

Vandal Proof Dome Security Cameras

Vandal Proof Dome Security Camera

4mm Vandal Proof Dome Security Camera
8mm Vandal Proof Dome Security Camera
Verifocal Vandal Proof Dome Security Camera

Dome Camera Footage

Below are video demonstrations from a dome security camera in an office building lobby taken at different times of the day.

Not sure which camera you need? See the difference between Bullet Security Cameras vs Dome Security Cameras.