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    Why don't we have thousands of products in our Security Camera e-store when everyone else does? Answer: Because we know our products and we only sell the good stuff. (Continued...)
  • Bullet Vs. Dome Cameras
    When purchasing a video surveillance system, the two types of cameras that you will always consider are the bullet and dome cameras. (Continued...)
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    Building a Geovision DVR can be done in a lot of ways but for Camera Security Now there is only one way it will be done. (Continued...)

CCTV Security Camera


Get a good face shot: Use Higher quality cameras at entry areas

Doors, gates and other entry areas need a good quality, high resolution camera to record a good 'face shot.' The video from this camera should be considered a highly valuable since it can be used as evidence in identifying a person in a court of law. This is a classic use for CCTV Camera GirlWide Dynamic technology that is designed to capture clear, easy-to-view images under poor or unpredictable lighting conditions. Such as occur near doors where the lighting can suddenly change and become brighter or darker.

Click the link below for a quote on a wide dynamic cctv camera:
Wide Dynamic Camera Quote

Wide Angle Cameras for large surveillance areas

Once you can get a good shot of a persons face, you should use a wider angle camera lens for the interior surveillance spaces of the building. Using color cameras inside your building is a good idea because you can readily identify a person by the clothes they are wearing. Used in conjunction with the face shot at the entry point, you have an excellent record of all people and activities in your surveillance areas.

CCTV Bullet Cam

Use Bullet Security Cams and Dome Security Cams!

They're Low Cost, High Performance, can be uses indoors and outdoors and available in Color or B&W. Dome cams and bullet cams come in many low cost models. Good quality B&W cams start at less than $80 and good color cams start at $150.  When it comes to budgets, having a low cost black & white camera is better than no camera at all.

Black and white cameras have advantages over color security cameras

Most B/W cameras can see in lower light and have higher resolution than color cameras. If most of your surveillance goals are at night and your budget is limited, a black & white camera may actually be your best solution.

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4mm Fixed Lens B&W Bullet Camera
8mm Fixed Lens B&W Bullet Camera
Varifocal 4-8mm B&W Bullet Camera

Dome CamFixed Lens Super High Res 4mm Dome Camera
Fixed Lens Super High Res 8mm Dome Camera
Varifocal Super High Res 4-8mm Dome Camera

Professional and CCTV C-Mount CameraStandard C-Mount Cameras

If your budget permits, a c-mount camera offer a big advantage over other cctv cameras.

C-Mount or CS-Mount?

C-mount and CS-Mount lenses offer similar performance, the only real difference is the way the lens mounts to the camera.  And that's not a problem since the adapter to convert 'C-Mount' to 'CS-Mount' comes with the camera. This enables the camera to use either C-Mount or CS-Mount lenses.
Varifocal Lens

Lenses can be changed!

They simply unscrew from the camera body, just like the way lenses are removed from traditional cameras. There are lens options from 2.5mm up to 500mm providing many different magnification options.

In general, an 8mm lens is like a 4mm lens magnified 200%. A 16mm lens is like the 4mm lens magnified 400%

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Professional C-Mount B&W Camera with Fixed 4mm Lens
Professional C-Mount Camera with Fixed 4mm Lens
Professional C-Mount Camera with Varifocal 4-8mm Lens
Professional C-Mount Camera with Varifocal 4-16mm Lens

Professional C-Mount Camera with Varifocal 4-8mm Lens in Outdoor Housing
CCTV Camera Outdoor Housing

Outdoor Housing

C-mount cameras can be used outside when put in an outdoor camera housing like the photo to the right needed to protect the camera. Heat and Fans are necessary in the 'extreme climate areas.'
See our outdoor housings

Varifocal Lenses

You can also use a varifocal lens on a c-mount camera body. The higher millimeter of the lens the further distance viewable. C-Mount cameras can use a varifocal lens. This is a huge advantage because you can adjust zoom and focus. With Varifocal lenses the focus can be varied from 5mm to 20mm or more.

Even after installed, the varifocal camera lens can be adjusted to choose a variety of focal distances and angles of view. An example of where you might use a varifocal lens is outside (or inside) a warehouse or parking lot where you need more distance than 35 feet.

Embedded PTZ Controls


Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras also known as PTZ cameras are excellent devices to use when you want to 'look around' your surveillance area.

PTZ cameras allow you to pan an entire room, tilt up and down and zoom in on anything or anybody within the sight of the lens.

PTZ cameras can be set to automatic or manual mode or both. In automatic mode, hundreds of points can be set for the camera to look at. The duration that the camera looks at a given set point can be adjusted from less than a second to as long as you would like. PTZ Camera

There are some variances in different models. Some have 17x zooms while others have 50x zooms or more.

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17x PTZ Color Dome Camera
21x PTZ Color Dome Camera
50x PTZ Color Dome Camera

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About CCTV Security Cameras: Closed circuit television also known as CCTV is the industry standard in surveillance security cameras. CCTV can be a single network of cameras or multiple networks of camera linked together via switches, internet, dvr or wide area computer technology. CCTV Video data is analog. The analog signal can be converted to digital via CCTV Digital Video Recorders. Once the video data is digital it can be managed just like any other computer data and can be stored automatically on computers and network storage devices.