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  • We Only Sell The Best
    Why don't we have thousands of products in our Security Camera e-store when everyone else does? Answer: Because we know our products and we only sell the good stuff. (Continued...)
  • Bullet Vs. Dome Cameras
    When purchasing a video surveillance system, the two types of cameras that you will always consider are the bullet and dome cameras. (Continued...)
  • Building / Configuring a DVR System
    Building a Geovision DVR can be done in a lot of ways but for Camera Security Now there is only one way it will be done. (Continued...)
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CCTV - Learning Center

Do It Yourself CCTV / GeoVision Articles And Videos

Do-It-Yourself Surveillance Systems
Installing a Surveillance System in your home may seem like an expensive task but it isn't thanks to Camera Security Now's Do-It-Yourself Surveillance Systems. A DIY Surveillance System for your home is the perfect solution for anybody looking to make their family a little bit safer.

Do-It-Yourself IP Security Cameras
A Do-It-Yourself IP Security Camera System is one of the most affordable ways to install a security camera system at your home. An IP Camera System is a fantastic alternative to the traditional CCTV stsem and they can also be easily added to your home network.

Do-It-Yourself Surveillance System Expectations
When doing any project, especially a Do-It-Yourself Home Security Project, it is imperitive that you set realistic expectations. Knowing exactly what to expect and exactly what you are getting into can make or break your DIY Home Surveillance Project.

Security Cameras for Your Home
The hardest part of doing a DIY Security Camera project is just getting statred. When doing a Security Camera System at your home you need to know exactly what you need to start the project and see it all the way through to the end.
CCTV How-To-Videos

Building a GeoVision DVR
The first in our video series, on how to configure your GeoVision DVR, starts with Brian Wood, AKA Woodio, going though the setup of a Dell based GeoVision DVR all the way from scratch. He begins with taking the PC out of its box, then of course installs the DVR card and loads the GeoVision software.

Setting Your GeoVision Storage Locations
Woodio shows how to set up the file locations for your saved GeoVision video clips. This allows the software to save the video files on the drives of your choosing. To get the most storage capacity out of your GeoVision DVR this is a must watch video.

How to Configure GeoVision DNS for Remote Viewing
Helping with one of the most useful features of the GeoVision DVR software, that being the ability to remotely view live and pre-recorded video over the internet, Woodio explains how to set up a DNS entry for your DVR.  A DNS entry will allow you to key in a domain name into your browser and access your camera system without a static IP address.

Backing Up GeoVision Video Files
For those times when your DVR catches an important incident you want to make sure that video clip is copied to a safe location for distribution or later review. To do that GeoVision uses a backup utility that allows you to copy your clips to CD, DVD, or another drive. In this video Woodio explains how to use that GeoVision backup software and runs through the entire process in under 4 minutes.

Setting a GeoVision Motion Mask
Using a Motion Mask with a GeoVision DVR is a must for anyone wanting to get the most out of their surveillance software. A Motion Mask allows you to exclude areas of the video that should not count for the purpose of motion detection. This can be very helpful as it allows you to get better notification information on the areas of the video that matter most.

Infrared Camera Video Demo
To help our clients better understand infrared cameras Woodio and Josh VanCleave demonstrate and explain how Infrared (IR) Cameras work. They even turn the lights off to show what an actual infrared CCTV camera looks like at night and talk briefly about some common misconceptions of infrared technology.

Standard Body CCTV Camera Overview
In yet another informational CCTV camera video, Josh VanCleave and Andy Wendt, explain the uses and history of the standard body security camera. Andy explains the different types of standard body cameras and their various uses, accessories, and capabilities.

Opening Firewall Ports on Your Router
In this video Installment Woodio helps explain how to open your Firewall ports on your router so that you can view your camera server through the web. In the video Woodio will set up both a Linksys and a Netgear Router so that it can be viewed via the web.

How to Make a CCTV Cable with Compression Fittings
Interested in learning how to make your CCTV cables with a water tight compression fitting? This video goes step by step on how to strip and crimp an RG59 cable using a compression fitting.

How to install a PTZ Camera
In this video installment Woodio shows us how to install a Merit Pan Tilt Zoom Camera on a GeoVision DVR. Installing a PTZ camera should be no problem after following the simple instructions shown in the video.

Audio Interface Adapters
In this video installment Woodio shows us how a microphone connects to an audio interface adapter so you can record audio along with your video.

CCTV Sample Video Clips

Online CCTV Demo- GeoVision DVR
On this page you can connect right to an online GeoVision DVR. The GeoVision DVR is running in the Camera Security Now office building and is a small 4 camera model whose DVR card sells for under $300..

Construction Site IP Camera Demo
In this video an IP camera is mounted several stories above and several hundred feet away from a new construction site. Being an IP camera the client, a University in Indiana, used it to put a live feed on their website. The client then took one days worth of snap shots from the camera and put them together to make a time-lapsed video of the entire day's construction activity. Now in this video that day can be reviewed in about 30 seconds.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras in Manufacturing
Pant Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ) can be a great addition to any security system. The manufacturing industry often uses PTZ cameras to watch key production points and give management additional information on the production process. In these video clips you will see actual footage of  Merit Lilin PTZ cameras connected to a GeoVision DVR.

Motion Detected Snap Shots
A GeoVision DVR can easily send an e-mail containing a snap shot of a motion activated video event that occurs during a time period that you define. An e-mail with this small snap shot can be a great help to alert you that something has occurred on a certain camera at a time that find of interest. Once alerted you can review the actual video footage. In this case the snap shots were taken after or before standard office hours.

CCTV Installation Tips

Spotlights & CCTV Cameras
In this article you can learn what sort of lighting is best for your outdoor CCTV cameras. It also explains some overlooked pitfalls of using high intensity spotlights and outdoor CCTV cameras.

Field of View Calculator
This page will help you calculate the field of view for your camera. All you need is the Distance to the Target and the Lens Size of the camera and the field of view will be calculated for you.

CCTV Buyers Guides

Infrared Security Cameras - How You Can Benefit
Infrared cameras are often misunderstood and often thought of as magical fix for an outdoor cameras need. This article is designed to help educate our clients on the technology and explain how infrared CCTV cameras can fit in to their CCTV security cameras system. The article simply explains the technology and the applications for which it is a good fit and those for which it is not.

Low Light OR Infrared  - Which Security Cameras Are Right For You
In this article Low Light CCTV cameras are compared to Infrared CCTV cameras, The intent of the article is to help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of each technology and the lighting conditions in which each would excel.

IR135 Infrared Camera - A Video Review
Interested in a high quality varifocal infrared bullet camera capable of lighting your space up to 100ft in total darkness? Then this video is worth checking out. Also a great resource for those looking to get a realistic expectation of infrared technology.

Bullet Cameras For Discreet Outdoor Surveillance
Often time's a surveillance system for a home or a business requires a security camera that can be concealed outside. Outside cameras of the highest quality are typically found in professional grade standard body models as these units have plenty of room for all the latest CCTV electronics that allow for low light viewing, wide dynamic range, digital noise reduction, etc. However standard body cameras require a large housing to survive outdoors....

GeoVision Newsletters

GeoVision July 2007 Newsletter - Vista Compatibility & Access Control Integration
GeoVision November 2007 Newsletter - Electronic Article Surveillance Integration & IP Camera Surveillance Case Studies.

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