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Video Surveillance For Bars & Restaurants. Get Our 4-Channel Package For $1000 Whatever Kind of System You Need, Our Consultants Can Get You The right System, Including Installation. Get Our 8-Channel Package For $1800 Get Our 16-Channel Package For $2300 Call your Security Constultant today at 800-440-1662.

Bar Surveillance Video

The bar is one business that is most vulnerable areas of theft.

Bartender stealing is especially prevalent if you have a successful bar business with a popular bartender. You might not notice daily theft and skimming, such as free drinks to the bartender's friends and stealing from the cash register.

Video Cash Register Transaction DataPhoto: Transaction recorded on photo and video utilizing POS Integration Feature

Shrinkage, the average loss due to theft, spillage and waste, nationally is approximately 23 percent on liquor and draft beer, about 10 percent on wine and 2 percent on bottled beer*. That's a lot of money. It could mean your profits for the year! Eliminating shrinkage can mean the difference between financial success and bankruptcy.

Theft alone is the largest source of losses in bars. Opportunities are plentiful for theft behind a bar. Bartenders work many hours without direct supervision. Those who steal from the bar do so because it's easy, hard to detect, and nearly impossible to prevent.

The temptations posed by handling large sums of cash and dealing with a liquid inventory on a day to day basis can be overwhelming. At some point, even the most honest bartenders will contemplate stealing cash, and give out free drinks to friends or bar regulars.

Bar Video Surveillance can help Eliminate Dishonest Bartenders
You need to send a message loud and clear to your staff that theft will not be tolerated. Bartenders know they will be  held accountable for their actions with surveillance video systems.

While you might not want to pursue criminal action against a bartender for embezzlement or a similar crime, video documented theft is solid grounds for termination. A mere wrist slap does nothing to discourage others from putting their hands in the till.

Consider the predicament that Bob had when he terminated his favorite bartender. "After installing the GeoVision camera system, it became apparent that Judy was taking money and giving away the farm. She was bringing in a ton of business, much of that was because of all the free drinks she gave away. I hated to let her go, it hurt our bar customer traffic at first. But after looking at the bottom line, we knew we made the right decision."

Camera Security Now offers a wide variety of surveillance systems that are perfect for any situation, even keeping tabs on your bartenders. Any system from Camera Security Now can be fully customized to fit your every need. On the other hand, if you aren't really too tech savvy, you can always go with a basic system like this one:

Basic Bar Surveillance Video System with Point of Sale Overlay

Dell/GeoVision DVR

GV-650 DVR Card & Software, 4 camera connections Recording Rate: 60 fps / 50 fps (NTSC / PAL) Display Rate: 60 fps / 50 fps (NTSC / PAL)

Using: OptiPlex 380 Minitower Base Standard PSU - Intel® Pentium® Dual Core E5300 with VT (2.60GHz, 2M, 800MHz FSB) - 1GB DDR3 Non-ECC SDRAM, 1066MHz, (1 DIMM) - Dell USB Entry Keyboard - No Monitor - Integrated Video, Intel® GMA 4500 - 320GB 7,200 RPM 3.5" SATA, 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive with NCQ and 16MB Cache - Genuine Windows® 7 Professional Bonus-Windows XP Professional downgrade - Dell USB 2-Button Entry Mouse with Scroll, Black - 16X DVD-ROM, Cyberlink Power DVD™ - Heat Sink for Intel Celeron Core 2 Duo Processors, Minitower - No Speaker, OptiPlex - OptiPlex 380 Minitower Standard Power Supply - 3 Year ProSupport for IT and 3 Year NBD On-Site Service

Dell 20" Wide Monitor. VGA/DVI

GV-Data Capture V3E is an innovative Ethernet version of the Data Capture Box. It allows integration of POS systems via LAN or Internet. All register journal information is then displayed and recorded as an overlay on the appropriate video channel.

4 x Low Light Color Bullet Camera - Waterproof for exterior use - 1/3 CCD - 380 TVL with Sony EX-View Technology - 0.05 LUX/F1.2 - Sunshield - 12VDC

4 x 12V DC 500MA Power Supply For Use With Standard 12Volt DC Cameras.

4 x 100Ft Premade Siamese CCTV Cable - Video and Power - BNC Male - DC Female.

A system like this an easy and basic way to ensure that everything is going on in your bar the way it should be. A basic system like this is also cheap coming in at around $2,200 which could be a lot less then what your bartenders are costing you by skimming the register or giving out free drinks. Visit the Tech-Army E-Store today for a Basic Bar Surveillance Video System with Point of Sale Overlay like the one seen above. 

Caution: Most bars installing the GeoVision Bar Surveillance Video System from Camera Security Now fire at least 1 bartender after the initial installation.

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*Source: Bevinco, Inc., a liquor inventory control service, with 100 franchises throughout the United States and Canada.

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