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Middletown, Ohio Security Cameras & Surveillance

Highly Trained Local Techs

Camera Security Now employs a number of skilled technicians in the Middletown area, bringing you the latest and greatest in security camera technology to your business or residence. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to recommending a security system, purchasing the right cameras, and installing them in a timely and professional manner.

Middletown Crime Statistics

Regarding recent figures for the crime rate in Middletown, more than 99 percent of communities in Ohio have a lower crime rate. With a crime rate of 90 per one thousand residents, Middletown has one of the highest crime rates in America. This means that an individual’s chance of becoming a victim to a property theft or violent crime is one in 11. We here at Camera Security Now are in business to protect your home or business. Security cameras not only provide evidence of suspicious activity, they are also known to deter crime from occurring in the first place. Camera Security Now was established in Middletown, Ohio in 1998. We have installed security systems at a number of businesses in Middletown and the surrounding area.

The video above is from a robbery at a Middletown, Ohio ATM just a few miles from our headquarters. You see, the fact that at the time of the robbery that bank did not have a single camera outside the building infuriates us! Sure, like all ATM”s there is a camera inside the machine, but without cameras outside the bank much useful information was lost that could have been used in the suspects apprehension. Dont let this happen to your business or your community!

Above is an actual screen shot of one of our popular 2MP Varifocal IP security cameras that is mounted on the roof of our office building.

Our Best Selling Camera in Middletown:
1.3 Megapixel Bullet - Now At Only $156

12 Tech-Army Troops in Middletown, Ohio

12 Middletown, Ohio Tech-Army Troops has 12 members of the Tech-Army in Middletown, Ohio that are prepared to deliver and setup your security system. Whether you need it for your home, business, or school we can make sure you have the equipment you need, when you need it.

We service the Middletown, Ohio areas of:
Liberty Township, Liberty Twp, Middletown, and Butler County.

We can also service the zip codes of:
45042, 45043, and 45044

Protect Your Home or Business

With a system from Camera Security Now, you have the ability to view all of your cameras virtually anywhere, anytime with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Additionally, an alert system can be set up based on motion detection, so if there is any unwanted movement on your property you will be informed immediately. Security consultants are available to recommend a custom security system planned just for your property. Call us at 800-440-1662 or fill out an express quote and we will contact you later with an estimated quote based on the information you have provided. Unlike systems you will buy from our competition or from retail stores, our security systems are preconfigured and tested in-house at our Middletown headquarters. This saves you from the hassle of trying to configure it yourself or paying an hourly rate for a technician to do it. We also offer free tech support with the purchase of a camera system.